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Any software solution stands on top of IT (Information Technology). IT by nature is an extremely vast structure that includes hardware, software, security, business processes, etc. In the last 30 years, IT has become a critical element of every business structure from the smallest businesses to the largest. The software solution management can be challenging when a business follows complicated processes. We are experts in business process analysis, accounting system integration and security management implementation.

Accounting Software Solution

consists of three major components

2) System Set-up and Support

We support traditional set-up running desktop accounting software and help move your accounting software from a desktop to a cloud environment. Software we use for bookkeeping, payroll, and inventory - QBO, Sage, and integration Aps. Is MS Excel or MS Access or any other application with open-source code used to run your back-office? Do you need customization? We do that as well.

2) Business Processes

Bookkeeping application set-up depends on your business processes. Every business is unique and there is always something in each business that makes it stand apart in the industry. Starting with analyzing your business, we generate process flow, and then map this flow to your bookkeeping software.

3) Management

Business owner manages their team and established business processes around the business. Our business advisory facilitates you in solving existing problems in the business. Equally important, we help small businesses with Information Technology management and business processes improvements.

Accounting Software Solutions Online

Awesome characteristics of online technology gave rise to a new generation of bookkeeping software for business owners in just over a few years. Yet, regardless of the technical platform, a desktop or a cloud, accounting software is an investment for a business. Today, running a business without proper software is not possible and we ask a question - what constitutes proper software? Well, a start-up business can record transactions in MS Excel (desktop) or Google Sheets (cloud or online).

As the number of transactions increases that would be the right time to ask the question "What accounting software I should invest in?" We have an answer to this question because we know what makes a happy marriage between business and technology. After all, for 20+ years we have worked with gigantic ERP systems such as SAP and IFS and customized dozens of MS Excel and MS Access databases.

Many cloud-based bookkeeping solutions that can be used for small-to-medium size businesses. We work with QuickBooks and Sage online platforms since each accounting software covers most business needs for an excellent price. We also work with Apps that are used to enhance ways of recording books. Keeping in mind that each software has its do's and don'ts, we talk to you and explain what each app is better for what. At the end, you may not even need these apps! But first things first. Let's meet and talk about your business needs.

QBO solutions by Bean Counters Erin Hills
QBO solutions by Bean Counters Erin Hills

Reach us by email or phone to book an appointment. If you would like to discuss your business over the Internet we work with Zoom, Skype, or Teams.