Bean Counters Erin Hills our approach

Bean Counters Erin Hills - our approach

Our approach to how we run our business is a reflection of our previous experiences of servicing customers while working for different companies. Bean Counters Erin Hills is a family-based company founded in 2022 to provide business owners with professional accounting and tax services. We work with start-ups and small-size companies, similar to yours, to help organize all the business procedures necessary to grow and compete successfully in the long run. We believe that the following characteristics of our services contribute to the foundation of who we are:

Act as your CFO

Before offering back-office solutions to you, we learn your business processes first, generate Workflow second, and then we discuss the technology implementation. We may end up offering the least costly solution in MS Excel! We do not offer to implement functionalities your business does not have. Your expenditure on technology is driven by your final decision. With such an approach, your business operates at the highest level of efficiency and relevant cost. We act as CFO working in the best financial interest of your business.

Secure your information

We stay on guard to secure your personal and financial information. We live in an unsecured world; it is a fact. Whether your books are stored in your office, in our office, or in the cloud, there is a chance that information can be breached. There is also a chance that information can be corrupted because of cyber-attacks or other malfunctions in the computer. We stay on guard to advise you on how to secure your data, back up and restore your data, and keep your data available for production use 24/7.

Understand your business

Throughout our extensive IT experience, we learned the importance of a well-established Workflow in any business. It is a cornerstone in creating efficient back-office solutions in a business of any size or structure. We take time to understand your business such as your streams of revenue and nature of expenses. As we learn about your business, we discover weaknesses in business processes and we suggest improvements. We have vast hands-on experience with ERPs and databases at their core. Process improvements are specific to each business and many established businesses agree that these improvements are unavoidable.

Keep your books in best order

We provide meaningful financial information to execute successful business decisions. Our motto is “Great books stand behind every great business”.
To generate meaningful financial information the accounting books must be compliant for data integrity. It is our professional responsibility to keep your accounting books in the best order. We are professionally responsible for delivering unbiased reports to our customers. Based on the information in these reports business decisions are made.

Support your business your way

Are you running your business the traditional way using your own accounting software in your office? We offer onsite services in person at your business location. Would you like to go paperless and use cloud accounting? Let’s migrate your system to the cloud and support your books online. Would you like to keep your books with us? When it comes to sending your slips, invoices, etc. it will be like a cloud environment to you. You can choose to e-mail your paperwork either electronically or mail your paperwork to us, you can drop off your paperwork at our office, or we can come to your location and pick it up.

Offer you our expertise

We are experts in what we do. Our company brings together a wealth of experience and expertise. Yet we learn something new with every business. There is always something to learn new. “Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience.” Denis Waitley.

Nourish customer relationship

Three Rs that lead to mutual success between us and our customers: Relationship, Reliability, and Responsibility. We build Reliable Relationship with our customers with mutual Responsibility to keep the established relationship going and growing. We strive to maintain an open environment in communication and exchange all the important details relevant to business. Such an approach leads us and our customers to work as partners for mutual success.

Grow your business together

“Road is made by walking” Antonio Machado. Life is not perfect; business is not perfect either. We make mistakes, we correct them and we learn not to make mistakes again. Life goes on; so, does business. Helping businesses to prosper is our passion. Business growth pains are unavoidable, however, with the right guidance and support businesses adapt to new changes. This is how “Road is made”.