Tax Planning and Financial Advisory Services

We are a CPA firm

Small Business tax planning and financial advisory services are included in our pricing list to support your business on a long-term basis. If we do not support your accounting books and you would like to solve a particular problem with your business, we also offer business consultation on a short-term basis.

Our business advisory facilitates you in solving existing problems in the business. A new or growing business may need specific advice on financial planning strategies. Cash flow planning, tax planning and investment planning are the most critical decisions to make. These decisions have no room for error. A larger size business may need to establish internal controls to reduce the risk of fraud.

With all these situations we act as your CFO developing a business strategy for your company to be competitive and successful on the market. We help small businesses with:

  • Cash flow needs (loan packages and forecasting)

  • Information Technology Management advisory

  • Internal controls to reduce the risk of fraud

  • Profit margin or revenue analyses and forecasting

  • Planning and budgeting

Opening new business

  • Setup documentation for corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships

Agri-Invest program

  • We help farmers enrolling into Agri-Invest program