Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for TRUCK DRIVERS

Bookkeeping and accounting services for truck drivers from $80 per month

Truck drivers quickly learn the importance of calculating cost per mile ratio. That requires knowing the total cost and mileage made during the trip. However, the majority of streamlined bookkeeping software does not have the capability to calculate this ratio. Furthermore, specialized trucking software that calculates taxes and cost per mile in the same package is expensive, and there is a reason for it.
Following this, we have our own version of a bookkeeping solution that we are happy to offer to self-employed truck drivers. We use QuickBooks Online in addition to Google Sheets to deliver the necessary financial reports and cost-per-mile reports.
We offer the following:

  • Monthly bank reconciliation

  • Classification of expenses to optimize tax deduction calculations.

  • Classification of your assets (truck, chains, straps, printer, etc.) for amortization/CCA

  • Yearly income tax filing

  • Classification of cost (variable vs fixed)

  • Monthly standard financial reports

  • Monthly profit or loss per load/mile reports

  • Monthly profit or loss per costs (variable/fixed) reports. We indicate which cost might require your attention.

  • Access to QuickBooks 24/7

  • Depending on the number of financial reports required, we charge for our services starting from $80 per month.

No need to scan and store receipts. Say goodbye to writing on your napkins.

Truck Driver Bookkeeping Without Scanning Receipts

Our truck driver bookkeeping solution is simple to use, available 24/7, assuming you have access to the internet and does not require communication with us. In general, we do not need information about your destination, which is optional to enter. We assume that you exclude the information related to the personal use of a truck. If tracking of this information is needed, we are happy to include it.

In general, we do not need your receipts. Also, we do not ask you to store them in any filing system that requires scanning. We suggest you use your credit card for most of your payments.
When you need to pay in cash, we have a process that we will discuss with you at our meeting. We are eager to teach you how to be free of scanning receipts or writing expenses on your napkins and spending time sorting and storing your expenses in your shoebox.

We ask you to enter information about each trip into our system. The required information includes 12 entries:

  • 3 dates (Date of dispatch, Date of load, Date of arrival)

  • 3 destinations (Dead Head From, Location of load, Location of arrival)

  • 3 odometers

  • Invoice data: Date of invoice, Projected date of payment, invoice amount

Reach us by email or phone to book an appointment. If you would like to discuss your business over the Internet we work with Zoom, Skype, or Teams.