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Disability Tax Credits and Deductions - tax return for individuals with health conditions

Tax Return Checklist

Disability Tax Credits and Deductions. What tax credits and deductions for persons with disabilities can be claimed? Canadian government helps individuals and their care providers to reduce costs related to having prolonged disability. Two major credits are disability tax credit and Canada caregiver credit. The other main source to reduce the amount own would be deducting expenses related to childcare and disability support. We certainly seek to include all eligible deductions and credits the persons with disabilities may qualify for. Please, check all the relevant documents to attach to your personal T1 tax return.


gains from contributions to Registered disability savings plan (RDSP)

T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate

General Expenses

Medical Expenses (drugs, dental, glasses, therapy, private health plan premiums, Travel medical care expenses, Attendant Care) (line 45200)

Child care expenses (line 21400)
Disability support deduction (line 21500)
Amount for an eligible dependant (line 30400)
Home accessibility expenses (line 31285)
Caregiver expenses (line 21500)
Attendant care expenses (line 21500)
Expenses for the disability support (devices, software applications) (line 21500)

Canada workers benefit disability supplement
Canada caregiver credit
T2201 Disability Tax Credit (DTC)
Home accessibility tax credit
HST credits (goods and services used by persons with disabilities)
Excise gasoline tax refund