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Employment Income and Expenses - tax return for employed individuals

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Employment Income and Expenses. Tax filing for employed individuals in some situations allows deduction of expenses to lower the tax amount owing. Does your employer ask you to spend money from your pocket to earn your employment income? Whether are on salary or commission you can deduct certain expenses (including HST). Also, when your employer asks you to work from home, you are allowed to deduct eligible home office expenses as well. If this is your tax situation, we will help you to prepare and file your personal income tax return, making sure we include all eligible expenses you may qualify for. To claim your eligible expenses, they need to be recorded and attached to your personal T1 tax return.

personal income tax filing near Erin
personal income tax filing near Erin

Tax Return Checklist

Does your employer require you to work from home or pay expenses from your pocket?
Eligible Expenses
Income from registered slips

T4 Statement of Remuneration Paid
T4PS Profit Sharing Plan
T4AOther Income

Moving expenses related to employment

line 21900

T777 Statement of Employment Expenses

Do you have other sources of income and expenses?