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Rental Income Tax Preparation and Filing Services

Rental Income Tax Preparation. We prepare and file tax returns for rental businesses. Your tax situation: You are an employer or sole proprietor, and you receive your income from rentals. Please, gather all relevant documents using Rental Income Checklist to attach to your personal T1 tax return package. Rental tax preparation fees start from $120 and increase depending on the complexity (ex: partnership).

rental tax return
rental tax return

Rental Tax Return Checklist

Do you have other sources of income and expenses?
Rental expenses
Rental income

T776 Statement of Real Estate Rentals

Interest and bank charges
Office expenses (pens, pencils, paper clips, stationery and stamps)
Professional fees (incl. legal and accounting)
Management and administration fees
Repairs and maintenance (incl. cost of labor and material)
Salaries, wages and benefits (incl. employer’s contributions)
Property taxes
Utilities (gas, oil, electricity, water and cable)
Motor vehicle expenses (not including capital cost allowance)
Other expenses

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