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Student Tax Return (Canadian resident)

Canadian student income tax return filing covers a situation when a student is a resident of Canada. We prepare and file tax return for Canadian students who are full-time students, residents of Canada or received a scholarship grant from the Canadian government at a post-secondary school level. This specific tax return can be filed independently of the student’s families. Students eligible to claim moving expenses are full-time students who are enrolled in co-op program. The new location must be at least 40 km closer to the school. Full-time students are those who regularly attend an educational institution and take at least 60% of the educational program.
Not qualifying students who received education assistance can reduce the amount received by the $500 basic scholarship exemption. Please, check all the relevant documents to attach to your personal T1 tax return.

Canadian student tax return
Canadian student tax return

Student Tax Return Checklist (Canadian resident)

Eligible Expenses
Income from registered slips

T4 Statement of Remuneration Paid (co-op, part-time)
T4A (box 105) Scholarships, bursaries, fellowships income
T4A (box 042) Registered education savings plan payments

Moving expenses related to education

line 21900

T2202 form for tuition fees
T1-M form for Moving expenses
Interest paid on a student loan
Professional certification exams

Unused federal tuition from previous year of NOA
Canada training credit

P105 - Students and Income tax

Do you have other sources of income and expenses?